Helvetian Investment Club

We are the largest and most active student finance society at the University of St.Gallen. Our mission is to connect students with the investment banking, asset management and alternative investments industries.


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We provide high-quality extracurricular education to students at the University and connect them with representatives of various institutions across different spheres of the financial industry. We offer to our members workshops, training, company visits, networking events, participation in conferences and competitions.


Explore the world of asset management and alternative investments.


Deep dive into investment banking, client and corporate relations.


Learn to program for risk modelling and portfolio construction.

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Speaker Events

We host speaker events with noteworthy personalities from business and politics, directed at a broad audience.

Company Visits

We organize company visits, training on-site and trips to other countries.

Hands-On Sessions

We attract coaches that enable students to gain new skills valuable on their career path

Competitions & Challenges

We provide a chance for our members to participate in various international competitions

Women in Finance

We bring together professional women within the financial industry for networking, education and industry awareness.

Financial Training

We offer skills training on merger models, leveraged buyouts and Bloomberg, delivered by experienced professionals.

Conference Visits

We organize visits to a broad range of conferences covering monetary policies, specific asset classes, ICO, AI and more.

Company Workshops

We regularly host workshops with leading asset managers, investment banks and financial services companies.

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