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HIC Capital Analyst School Resources

Welcome to the HIC Capital Analyst School resources! We are delighted to share our extensive course materials with all club members. Our Analyst School is designed to equip students with essential knowledge and skills required in the competitive world of investment banking.

Course Materials:

  1. Introduction to Valuation Part 1: Dive into the fundamentals of valuation, exploring key concepts and techniques used in investment banking.
  2. Introduction to Valuation Part 2: Build on your understanding of valuation with a deeper examination of advanced valuation methods and real-world applications.
  3. Competitive Analysis: Learn how to analyse competitors and assess industry dynamics to make informed investment decisions.
  4. Introduction to Markets: Get an overview of financial markets, their structures, and key players, as well as the role of investment banks within these markets.

HIC Analyst School: A Dynamic Learning Experience

In addition to the presentations listed above, the Analyst School also covers recent events in finance, advanced financial concepts, and more.

The HIC Analyst School offers weekly meetings with engaging tasks and learning opportunities for participants. Our analysts are divided into different coverage groups, where each group focuses on a specific area of finance. Throughout the semester, each group works together to prepare pitches, enhancing their finance and analytical skills.

The Analyst School fosters an active community of analysts who share knowledge, insights, and experiences. This collaborative environment provides valuable networking opportunities for aspiring investment banking professionals.

If you’re interested in joining the HIC Analyst School and becoming part of our vibrant community, keep an eye out for application openings at the beginning of the Autumn semester. For more information, please contact Laurenz Schneeberger (President of HIC Capital) at

Download Introduction to Valuation Part 1
Download Introduction to Valuation Part 2
Download Competitive Analysis
Download Introduction to Markets