Guest Speaker Event with Guy Spier

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About the Speaker

Guy Spier is a Zurich-based hedge fund manager and the author of “The Education of a Value Investor”. In June 2007, he made headlines by bidding US$650,100 for a lunch with Warren Buffett. Since 1997, the ardent disciple of Warren Buffett and CEO of Aquamarine Capital has managed the firm´s privately offered funds, inspired by the original 1950´s Buffett partnership.

Guy previously worked as an investment banker in New York and a management consultant in London and Paris. He has an MBA from the Harvard Business School, class of 1993, and holds a First-Class degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University. Before joining the HIC at the University of St. Gallen as a guest speaker, he has had his own Google Talk and spoke in front of audiences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and London Business School.