Exclusive Event with Coros

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About Coros:

Coros is a Private Equity investor with offices in Berlin, Munich, London and Paris. With our innovative approach and a new generation of diverse talents, we are one of the driving players in the market with strong growth to more than 1.5 billion Euros in assets under management over the past 5 years. Our partners include institutional investors such as German retirement and pension funds, but also international Family Offices. In addition to the realisation of modern office properties and urban quarters, our investment platform covers all asset classes in the real estate sector.

We encourage the entrepreneurial mindset of each individual in order to combine creativity with a hands-on mentality. Decisions are taken jointly, with our flat organisational structures paving the way for the highest level of efficiency.

About the Event:

Leonhard Sachsenhauser, Founder & Managing Director at Coros, gives insights into his personal path from being a Consultant at BCG, joining a PE firm within real estate as well as a personal view, why real estate as an asset class will have a continuously growing role within the next years.
Afterwards Lucas Wilisch (B.A. HSG 2020), Investment Analyst at Coros, is giving practical insights into a typical Investment Case outlining real estate valuation in comparison to other asset classes.