Capco Virtual Case Study

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Let’s stop thinking about finance topics for a second and focus on a subject that has increasingly gained importance in the past couple of years: Diversity and inclusion. Numerous companies are setting themselves the target of putting values of equal rights and opportunities in the center of their activities.

In this context CAPCO would like to invite you to a not so typical case study where you will simulate an unusual day as a consultant by advising your client on a perfectly current and ever-present challenge:

How can your client effectively transform his business into an environment that is shaped and characterized by true equality and inclusion?

Do YOU have what it takes to develop and present a new comprehensive, actionable, and innovative D&I strategy to your client? Do you think you can rock our crowd of well-experienced and knowledgeable senior consultants and partners? Then take the chance to apply to our event and get to know our young and dynamic team of Capconians. And who knows, depending on your performance you will even have the chance to win a first round interview with our HR division.