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About BayernLB

BayernLB, or Bayerische Landesbank, is a pivotal financial institution in Bavaria and Germany at large, with a specialized focus on investment financing. It acts as the principal bank to the state of Bavaria and a central clearing house for over 70 Bavarian savings banks. Serving a diverse clientele including companies, financial institutions, investors, savings banks, and the public sector, BayernLB epitomizes a sustainable approach towards fostering economic progress​​.

The Debt Syndicate Desk at BayernLB is a center of competence that combines the bank’s expertise in loan, bond, and Schuldschein syndication. With a team of 15 specialists, the desk operates as a hub for all debt product syndications, offering tailored solutions for complex financing needs across various sectors like real estate, corporate loans, project, and asset financing

About the Event:

BayernLB is thrilled to invite students to a captivating presentation event hosted by the Debt Syndicate Desk. This event is designed to unfold the operational intricacies of debt syndication, provide insights into the financial landscape, and offer a glimpse into the real-world scenarios managed by the expert team.

Post-presentation, we welcome you to join us for an apero.



Disclaimer: The HIC has no influence over the application process for this event. Our No-Show-Policy applies to this event. For questions, please contact