2Xideas Company Presentation

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About the Company:

2Xideas is an independent, partner-owned investment firm focused on liquid mid cap stocks. The company was founded in 2013 by HSG alumni Jürg Schäppi and Dr. Roger Meister together with three more partners, and today employs 40 people across offices in Küsnacht ZH (HQ), New York, Dublin, Vaduz, and soon Hong Kong. The firm is dedicated to a long-term, global investment strategy and strives to unlock the full potential of public equity markets in a sustainable and repeatable manner. 2Xideas provides a very high level of insight and transparency to its investors with the goal of creating trust and confidence leading to long-lasting relationships.

About the Event:

During the event, you will learn more about the company, its highly structured investment process and potential summer internship opportunity. CIO, Partner and HSG Alumni Michael Stutz will present how 2Xideas combines fundamental research expertise and advanced data science to identify the best long-term mid cap investments, and how these investments are combined into robust portfolios using collective team intelligence instead of the still prevailing single portfolio manager approach.