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Infinitas Capital

About infinitas Capital

Infinitas Capital is the single family office of the Lauber family. Originally building their roots in the real estate investing industry, Robin Lauber (3rd generation) started building infinitas Capital into a modern family office focusing not only on Real Estate, but also Venture Capital and Private Equity. Today, infinitas Capital employs a variety of investment strategies, ranging from direct investments to incubating own business ideas and launching dedicated fund strategies.

About the Event

Learn more about infinitas Capital, their investment strategy & process, and potential career opportunities in an open and interactive presentation followed by a case workshop to HIC members. Following the presentation, infinitas Capital will host an Apéro to connect on an informal basis.

Disclaimer: The HIC has no influence over the application process for this event. HIC Board Members are eligible to apply for this event as regular members. For questions, please contact info@investment-club.ch


Date & Time
Wednesday 15th of March 2023@05:00 PMCET

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