Felix is a 19-year-old Assessment student from Hamburg. Prior to studying at the HSG, Felix studied one semester of Finance in the US, while playing Tennis for the University Team. In his Bachelor, he will then focus on Economics and Finance. Together with Norbert and Markus, Felix won the ESCP Commodity Trading Challenge by Glencore in London. This upcoming summer, Felix will work for a Private Equity Family Office.



Maximilian is a first-year business administration student. Prior to studying, he gained experience working as an intern in various roles within trading securities and equities.
He reached 5th place at a major international commodities trading competition in London and worked as an intern at Deutsche Bank. At HIC Capital, he represents the interest of the organizations and coordinates the operative role of the fund structure.


Head of Organization

Greta is a first year assessment student from Mainz, Germany. Investment Banking is a completely new field for her but she is happy to learn more about it every day from the team and to be able to help wherever she can by organizing and supporting the group. She is curios to expand her knowledge and to use it in the future in an international company.


Head of Finance

Tassilo is a student in the assessment year. Prior to his studies, he accomplished internships in a private bank in Munich
and a bank, which is primarily active in the aircraft industry.


Head of Human Resources

Nicolai is a first year business administration student. With various experiences in the health and pharma industry, he is now motivated to gain as much insight into investing as possible.


Head of Marketing

Julian is a 19-year-old Assessment student from Heilbronn. With various experiences in the automobile and consulting industry, he is now eager to learn more about asset management. At HIC Capital, he takes responsibility for all marketing related activities.

Senior Analysts


Senior Analyst

Rayan Singh is a Swiss, Indian, and American 19-year old who has grown up in Zurich, Switzerland. He is a first-year student pursuing a degree in Economics. He has experience interning at commodities trading firm BASF Intertrade AG, and was recently selected for Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Investment Banking Spring Insight Week in London. Rayan is fascinated by financial markets and analysis and is dedicated to gaining as much experience and learning from his teammates at HIC Capital to prepare himself for a career in the field.


Senior Analyst

Leo, 21-years-old, is a fourth semester Business Administrations student. During his studies, he accomplished apprenticeships at John Deere, AGCO and Oddo BHF. With a long-term, value approach he wants to sharpen the culture of this club.


Senior Analyst

Michael is a second-year bachelor’s student in Business Administration with a focus on Finance. He was first exposed to financial markets during his high school years and is passionate about it ever since. Michael initialized the stock market simulation game Tradity at his high school with the aim of promoting financial education in schools and manages a small fund comprised of money from him, his family and friends.

Junior Analysts


Junior Analyst

Norbert is a 19-year-old first-year student from Hungary who plans to study Business Administration. He reached 1st place with his team at the ESCP Energy Trading Challenge in London. His career plans include working in the investment banking industry.


Junior Analyst

Luis is 18 years old and a first-year student. Having completed High School near Karlsruhe, he is now aiming for a Bachelor`s degree in Economics. This summer, he will be doing an Internship in the area of Asset Management. After graduating, he wants to follow his passion for finance and embark upon a career in Investment Banking, preferably in M&A.


Junior Analyst

Josefine is a second year student in Business Administration. During an internship at PKF she could gain experience in preparing financial statements and in the field of auditing. Additionally, she worked at Daimler where she was responsible for evaluating startups and their technologies in the field of autonomous driving in order to collaborate and invest in these firms. This summer she will be joining Goldman Sachs in Warsaw.


Junior Analysts

Olivier currently absolves the assessment year at HSG. A few years ago he finished the Swiss Olympic Talent School in the canton of St. Gallen, where he grew up. Later in his study he will turn to ‘Management’ and ‘Banking and Finances’.


Junior Analyst

Tim is a first-year business administration student. Prior to his studies, he concurrently to school consciously looked into financial markets and thereby developed his passion for the matter. As a Junior Analyst he intends to expand his knowledge concerning analytical skills as well as improving his team working skills.


Junior Analyst

Konstantin, 19 years old, is a German Assessment student in the second semester at the HSG. His main focus is on Trading Indizes and structuring portfolios. He is interested in collecting experience in areas like global markets or banking and finance.


Junior Analyst

Julius is a BA Candidate in Business Administration. He has taken a year off from his studies to be part of the 50th ISC team to organize the jubilee of the St. Gallen Symposium. He is part of McKinsey‘s Firsthand Fellowship program and has been the elected program representative of the German assessment track (mathematics) 2018/2019. Prior to studying, he gained experience interning various roles in real estate.


Junior Analyst

Joel is a fourth semester business administration student. Prior to his studies, he accomplished an apprenticeship in treasury at Zurich Insurance group. His vision is to be a part of founding a new club that inspires students and teaches them about the financial markets.


Junior Analysts

Marlon is a 19 year old student from Munich. After finishing high school with two separate graduations, he volunteered as an English teacher in Tanzania and worked for a co-working space in London. He is currently in the Assessment year at the University of St. Gallen, anticipating a career in finance.


Junior Analyst

Kilian is a Business Administration student who is currently studying in his fourth semester. Previously, he worked as an intern at a regional asset manager where he gained insights into the world of trading while managing a fund. He will take a new perspective on trading in other cultures when studying at Singapore Management University during his next semester.


Junior Analyst

Philipp is a second-year B.A. candidate in economics from Karlsruhe, Germany. His interests are mainly focused on financial markets and monetary policy. Currently he plans to pursue a career in asset management.


Junior Analyst

Alois is an 18-year-old assessment student with interests for business administration. Prior to studying, he gained experience in financial instruments by completing several internships at financial institutions. At HIC-Capital, Alois supports the Senior Analysts.


Junior Analysts

Yannick is a third-year Business Administration student.
He has previous experience in Corporate Finance through an internship at JP Morgan Chase and did an internship in Management Consulting at TMI Germany.
He is interested in the intersection of investing and technology and currently is writing his bachelor thesis about this topic.


Junior Analyst

Markus is a second year Business Administration student. He contributes to the team through his practical experiences in Private Equity and M&A. Further, he was part of the winning team in the Glencore Energy Trading Competition 2020. Strongly interested in the financial markets, he aspires to further advance and specialise in this field.


Junior Analyst

Jakob is a final-year economics student and will complete his studies in July 2020. Furthermore, he gained international experience during his semester abroad at Bocconi University in Milan. In addition to his academic background, Jakob has completed an internship at the finance department of BASF SE.


Junior Analyst