Join our new student led trading initiative at the University of St.Gallen! We host various events covering topics related to finance and trading: stocks, commodities, futures, options, equity, bonds, REITs, and many more. If you like investing in a wide range of asset classes, then this group is for you

Trading Club

Learn how to start day trading online with expert tips and tutorials for beginners. Guide to day trading strategies and how to use patterns and indicators.

Welcome Event

The Start of the HIC-Trading-Club! We want to thank everybody, who came to our Welcome-Event, and We are looking forward to begin this journey with you! What is our plan? See for yourself!

Meeting Nr. 1

What is a stock? What is an index? These and some other fundamental definitions were clarified in our first meeting!

Meeting Nr. 2

Continuing with the basics. What is the difference between Fundamental and Technical Analysis? Setting the foundation with basic Fundamental Analysis Vocabulary!

Meeting Nr. 3

Our last Meeting before Christmas was about a practical example of a stock analysis from the fundamental point of view. With the help of some members, we came to the following conclusion.

Meeting Nr. 4

You want to be a part of the team? Apply now for a Senior or Junior Analyst position. For more information get in touch with us.

Meeting Nr. 5

Trading options can help you to hedge investments and increase profitability. This session was about the very basics of Option Trading and was about two common applications: The Covered Call and the Iron Condor!

Meeting Nr. 6

Financial Scandals seem too complex to understand, but we wanted to unleash 3 of them anyway: BVB, Cum-Ex, and Re-Po-105!

Meeting Nr. 7

For some of us, March was a very hurtful month. The volatile movement into the red raises a very important question:”Are we in a recesseion?” Here is our answer.

Meeting Nr. 8 Online